A Guide to Making The Best Out of My Rewards

Most businesses can get customers through the door but the real challenge is to keep them coming back. Building long-term loyalty through more frequent visits and increasing the amount of customer spend is what defines every rewards program, and perhaps every merchant, as successful. Industry research shows that:

“20% of customers generate 80% of sales

and these 20% are the returning customers”

To help you achieve your customer retention goals, we have built My Rewards.

My Rewards offers customizable rewards and SMS campaigns that help merchants, like you, build lasting customer relationships.

You use the app within your Clover Register, and you make the settings, schedule campaigns and follow results within your program Web Dashboard.

This guide will show you how to get your own rewards program up and running for optimal results.


STEP 1: Setting up your new rewards program

Once you have accessed the Clover App Market from your desktop computer, picked a plan and freshly installed My Rewards, an onboarding presentation will start automatically. It will introduce you to key functionalities, but most importantly, you will be prompted to configure your new rewards program.

Note: If you have installed My Rewards from your Clover terminal, you MUST access your Web Dashboard first to start the onboarding presentation and be prompted to configure the amount of Reward $ you give to customers for each transaction.

During the onboarding presentation, you can configure:

Customer segments configuration (recommended)

To make sure your own rewards program matches the customer patterns of your unique business, take the time to adjust your customer segments as required.

Reward $ configuration (compulsory)

To build your contacts base, make sure you are eligible to give rewards by selecting how many cents per 1 USD spent your customers will receive from each transaction. Watch how to do it here:

Reward $ limits configuration (optional)

If you wish to avoid incurring reward redemption costs for relatively new customers, specify the minimum amount of accumulated Reward $ before customers can start spending.
You can also specify a maximum amount of Reward $ that customers can redeem per transaction.


Reward Items also known as punch cards is the other type of rewards you can give with My Rewards.

Here is how to set up you punch cards:

STEP 2: Giving and redeeming rewards to customers

Let’s face it – what customers like the most is the instant gratification of saving money, when they come back to their favorite store or restaurant.

To help you handle both transactions and rewards redemptions, My Rewards integrates with your Clover Register app. This is where your daily interaction with your rewards program happens.

To enroll new customers and reward them for the first time:

  1. Select to pay with My Rewards $ at checkout from your Register app
  2. Fill-in customer’s phone number
  3. Populate rest of their details (optional) and select to give Reward $ to sign them up
  4. Finish the transaction

To redeem rewards for returning customers:

  1. Select to pay with My Rewards $ at checkout from your Register app
  2. Look customers up by tapping in their phone number. A suggestion will appear
  3. Choose to redeem any accumulated rewards or to save them for next time
  4. Finish the transaction

My Rewards aims to provide an effortless daily workflow and capture only useful customer data.


STEP 3: Follow customer trends & program performance

Your Web Dashboard is your rewards program command center.

It gives you easy-to-understand metrics on recent customer activity & trends, an overview of your efforts to bring back customers, access to your program settings and lets you launch SMS campaigns.

To access your program Web Dashboard, visit clover.rewardslabs.com from a web browser and login with your Clover merchant credentials.

Program Performance – You can review your rewards program health by visiting My Business tab, where you will be able to:

  1. See what proportion of your transactions are going through the program
  2. Compare the Average Transaction Value (ATV) of program members and non-members
  3. Compare the turnover generated by members and non-members
  4. Pick a period to follow trends over time

Customer Trends – You can watch how your customers segments are performing over time by visiting My Customers tab, where you will be able to:

  1. See how many members you have in total
  2. See how many of your members have opted-in of marketing as Subscribed
  3. See how many of your members have ever redeemed a reward
  4. See a table list of your members including key details

Your program web dashboard is your go-to place for actionable data, results and customer trends.

STEP 4: Take action and send SMS campaigns to bring customers back

On-site customer engagement through excellent customer service and instant rewards redemption is only half of the equation. What really brings customers back is this one SMS they receive on their commute to work inviting them to drop by your business after work and get additional 5 Reward $ to redeem with that.
SMS campaigns allow you to reach customers on the go and not only remind them about the existence of your business but also place it much higher on their priorities list. It’s that simple – people do forget about certain retail and food favorite spots, amidst all other life and work commitments.

Industry research shows that:

“98% of SMS messages are actually being read and 9 out of 10 mobile users will redeem an offer for offline shopping in 2017″

My Rewards offers easy-to-launch SMS campaigns module within your Web Dashboard, so that you can start a campaign from any device.
Note: You can SMS only customers, who have opted-in for marketing messages from your business.

There are 3 types of pre-defined campaigns that you can launch in under 5 minutes:

Bring back customers at risk – send an offer to a pre-selected customer segment that is at risk of becoming lost, unless you take immediate action. To add some urgency to your message, you can set your offer to expire within few days.

Bring top spending customers more often – send an offer to a pre-selected segment of top spending customers to invite them for an extra visit and boost your sales. Again, you can attach an incentive that is valid for a limited period.

Make an announcement to all subscribed customers – want to break the news? My Rewards offers a handy tool to send an informative campaign to your subscribers in no time. Simply type up your message and attach an incentive, if needed.

To help you assess your SMS campaign efforts, My Rewards offers key results and conversion metrics visible once a campaign has started.

Don’t forget to act quickly and launch an SMS campaign when your dashboard shows that your customers need a little nudge to boost their shopping activity.


STEP 5: Watch this video


STEP 6: Ask for help when you need it

We would happily answer your questions by phone (855) 222-4914 or via e-mail support@rewardslabs.com during our support hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. EST.


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