Multiple store locations, one loyalty program, My Rewards

Dear Merchant using Clover POS,

Do you have multiple store locations?

If yes, you must have struggled with joining those separate locations into one rewards program.

We are delighted to announce that thanks to our new Multistore feature, My Rewards is now an excellent fit for businesses ranging from a single location to a nation-wide business.

With My Rewards Multistore, you enjoy a synchronized customer base and points within your business—once registered, a customer can earn and redeem rewards in all your locations. As of today, the feature works for Reward Dollars program type.

My Rewards Multi-store Loyalty


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Multistore

  1. We have multiple locations. Are the rewards of my customers transferable throughout the business? – Yes. When a customer shops at location #1 and earns rewards, they can redeem at any location.
  2. Does each location have their own dashboard/configuration? – Yes. We noticed that different locations set up their own rewarding rules, based on their unique customer behavior. That is why, you have a separate dashboard for each location.
  3. How do I take advantage of the Multistore functionality? – Install one of our paid plans in all your locations and set up Reward Dollars configuration. Email or call us and we will connect them for you within hours.

Having any questions, do not hesitate to bug us over phone (855-222-4914), email (support[at] or LiveChat.

Happy rewarding!